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What are the characteristics of the automatic shrink packaging machine?

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Automatic shrink packaging machine adopts automatic sealing and cutting, sealing products will be put in position only after hand to move the start switch can automatically complete the sealing process can be controlled by time controller timing closure, after cutting the product to automatic conveying contraction in furnace. To complete a cycle of operation, waiting to enter the next cycle.


Automatic shrink packaging machine is the latest automatic continuous shrink packaging equipment.

Fully automatic shrink packaging machine has the following characteristics:

1 using quartz far infrared tube heating, energy saving and high efficiency (saving more than 15%);

2 the contraction temperature and the speed of the motor can be adjusted, and the adjusting range is wide;

3 original roller rotation device, can work continuously.

Therefore, the heat shrinking machine series has the advantages of advanced design, stable and reliable performance, high power saving effect, novel structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, etc., and can be applied to any shrink film shrink packaging. Electronic stepless speed automatic high temperature, solid energy relay control, stable and reliable, long life, low noise.

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