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Automatic hot shrink packaging machine packaging?

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Packaging method of automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine

Open end

The utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the wrapped object is wrapped in a winding film sleeve and then heat shrinkable by a cylindrical membrane or a flat membrane.

Four side seal

The product is surrounded by a flat film or cylindrical membrane wrapped up, the joint use of overlapping seal. Product packaging for sealing requirements.

Open end

Tray shrink packaging is a typical example, the film will be made into a square bottom bag, and then large bags from top to bottom in a stack of goods on the tray, and then heat shrinkable. The tray will be installed on the product on the conveyor belt, a shrink film bag; by the conveyor belt into the thermal contraction channel by thermal shrinkage channel after the completion of shrink packaging. Its main characteristic is the product can be firmly up to a certain number of packing units, in the process of transportation turnover box will not loose, and can be stacked in the open.

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