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Process flow of automatic shrink packaging machine?

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Automatic shrink packaging machine comprises a feeding conveyor belt, feeding set stacking and scraping mechanism above the bag belt, stacking and scraping mechanism set wrapped package conveyor, wrapping and conveying mechanism set up after the film feeding mechanism, film feeding mechanism after the film is arranged, the laminating mechanism set up after the drying box. Automatic shrink packaging machine is reasonable in structure, double servo system, pre stack mechanism, a film pulling mechanism, generally higher than the market for shrink film packaging machine has a faster, more stable, and better heat shrinkable surface effect operation more convenient maintenance etc..

Process flow of automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine:

1, first set the heating time of the machine

2, press the manual or automatic button, rack cylinder solenoid valve power output driving gear, gear drive chain, the rack cylinder after a proximity switch off. When the rack cylinder runs up and down, the front position of the rack cylinder is close to the switch, and the output of the electromagnetic valve is obtained.

3, the oven cylinder running to the TDC, the timer starts to start delay, rack cylinder solenoid valve off.

4, the end of time, the oven cylinder solenoid valve power.

5, according to the working mode flag, decide whether to continue the next work flow.

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