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Automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine is how one?

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Automatic shrink packaging machine comprises a conveyor belt, the conveyor belt transmission products in accordance with the direction of the transfer belt are arranged on the packing mechanism and heat shrinkage chamber, packaging machine products including conveyor belt arranged below the starting end of the film holder and a conveying belt above the rack on the film, a horizontal seal cutting mechanism is arranged between the packing mechanism and heat shrinkage chamber of the product; the product heat shrinkage chamber comprises a casing, a product of the import and export of shell products; the inner shell is provided with a circulation fan is arranged in the outer shell at the top of the heating element; on the shell wall is provided with an air outlet, a cooling fan at the outlet of the product; the inner wall of the housing product a heat insulation layer; the entrance and exit of the products are equipped with curtain; automatic shrink packaging machine has the advantages of simple structure, can make the packaging and thermal shrinkage process together automatically.

Technical parameters of automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine:

Mesa height: 920mm

Machine weight: 71kg

Range: W 320mm x L edge 460mm

Max product height: 200mm

Sealing method: bottom blade

Film roll diameter: DIA 250mm x W 470mm

Yield: 4-6 pcs/min

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