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Heat shrink packaging machine manufacturers tell you what is the heat shrink pac

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Heat shrink packaging machine is a kind of highly automated equipment, the products are widely used in medicine, food and beverage industry Jahwa, application of shrink packaging machine can greatly reduce the packing material and labor costs, has important economic significance.

1, first set the heating time of the machine

2, press the manual button, the rack cylinder solenoid valve output to drive the power of the gear, the gear drive chain, this time the rack and cylinder close to the switch off. When the rack cylinder runs up and down, the front position of the rack cylinder is close to the switch, and the output of the electromagnetic valve is obtained.

3, the oven cylinder running to the TDC, the timer starts to start delay, rack cylinder solenoid valve off.

4, the end of time, the oven cylinder solenoid valve power.

5, according to the working mode flag, decide whether to continue the next work flow.

1, advanced Chinese touch screen control, simple operation;

2, product packaging, print date once completed. Save time and cost;

3, optimize the structural design, disassembly, cleaning more convenient;

4, horizontal, vertical sealing temperature independent control, to better adapt to a variety of packaging materials;

5, intelligent design, no material, not empty package;

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