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Teach you how to heat shrink packaging machine

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Heat shrinkable packaging machine comprises a packing mechanism and heat shrinkage chamber the first conveyor belt and conveyor belt in the direction of the first transmission provided, including close to second transmits the first conveyer belt is arranged with second conveyor belt conveyor belt and the direction of the first on the contrary, in the first and second conveyor belt conveyor is arranged at the rear end of the conveyer plate tilt and object conveying direction, shrinkage and thermal shrinkage chamber is positioned above the first set conveyor and the second conveyor belt with a fan, also includes a baffle mechanism obstructs the first conveyor and the second conveyor belt, the fan is arranged below the guide plate to guide the air blower. Heat shrinkable packaging machine to ensure the transmission of different conveying direction with the package is always the same with the conveying direction of the hot air flow, to ensure the quality of the thermal shrinkage of stable performance, convenient operation, labor saving, reliable quality, strong applicability.

Classification of heat shrink packaging machine

According to the film

Can be divided into PE film shrink machine and POF film shrink machine;

Shrink packaging is one of the most advanced packaging methods in the international market. The utility model is characterized in that the shrink film is wrapped outside the product or the package, and then heated, the packaging material is contracted and the product or the package is wrapped tightly, and the display of the goods is fully displayed, so as to increase the sense of beauty and value;

At the same time, the packaging of goods can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti pollution. And to protect the goods from external shocks, has a certain buffer, in addition, can reduce the possibility of products was removed, stolen; produce a certain tension shrink film contraction, it can be a group to the packing items wrapped in, play a role of the rope strapping set and pallet packaging, especially suitable for multiple items therefore, this product can be widely used in the production of various packaging.

By heating method

Can be divided into quartz tube heating and stainless steel heating;

According to speed

Can be divided into electronic speed control and frequency control.

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