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Teach you how to install heat shrink packaging machine

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Heat shrinkable packaging machine before use to shrink products together, after the first pass time, there will be a fall in the film to the packing items, but then packing out the effect is not very good, so after second off after the effect is very good. Such as food, plastic film packaging of beer outside, packing out the appearance is very beautiful. Heat shrink machine can also be drying and disinfection machine together, complete sets of equipment consisting of chopsticks.

1, heat shrink packaging machine and winding machine for the same power consumption, so the input power supply must be greater than the nominal power of the brand, or easy to burn circuit or electrical components.

2, like the packaging machine must be reliable grounding, in order to protect personal safety.

3, each machine factory with a connecting power cable, the terminal identification symbol header lead part with power, must be properly connected, illegal operation may cause an electric shock.

4, when the machine provides voltage for three-phase 380V power supply, we must also enter the zero line, that is, the standard three-phase four wire system and other packaging equipment is also like a vacuum packaging machine. Otherwise, the machine does not work properly, and it is easy to burn the internal electrical parts.

5, the machine must be installed horizontally, otherwise it will shorten the service life of electric heating pipe. For the belt conveyor, the inclined installation will lead to the deviation of the conveyer belt.

6, continuous use of the machine for more than three months, to shrink the room temperature resistance wire inspection, according to the degree of aging, as appropriate replacement.

7, when the machine is working, the palm of the operator and other parts are not allowed to contact with the running parts of the machine, especially the temperature inside the contraction chamber is very high, it is easy to burn.

8, after the end of the packaging work, should first turn off the heating switch, so that the motor and fan motor to continue to run for about 10 minutes, then cut off the entire power supply.

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