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Food IndustryFood packaging has been of concern to the industry, the use of non-toxic transparent heat shrinkable packaging products, allowing you to sleep without any anxiety.
Cosmetic IndustryFor cosmetic products after heat shrinkable film wrapped in products or packages, fully display the appearance of items and improve the appearance and value of sales, increase the sense of the possibility, in addition can reduce product back down, back stolen.
Textile IndustryThe textile coil adopts heat shrinkable film packaging, which can effectively prevent the product from being scattered and tightly packed.
Auto Parts IndustryAuto parts can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti pollution, and protect the goods from external shocks, with a certain buffer.
Electric IndustryThe use of thermal contraction in the electrical industry, to maintain the integrity of the product, aesthetics, to ensure high value-added.
Stationery IndustryThe high concentration of labor in the toy industry to limit the development of producers, automatic thermal contraction can reduce labor, improve efficiency.
Household AdornmentThe use of heat shrinkable packaging long thick and wide home decorations, can improve the product grade, easy to transport.

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